Makeup for eczema skin

I’ve been in constant search for great advice on how to apply makeup during flare-ups – honestly it’s very much of a pain !! Finally here is a good article based on a… Continue reading

Your feedback is essential to my quest in finding the best possible way to blog

If you are reading this, chances are you have entered my site through Google search for a product I have reviewed, and has clicked on ‘Home’ hoping to read more from me. Thank… Continue reading

Do you get sunburnt without realising it ?

Being a couch potato may be the single most relaxing thing to do, but the boredom that comes with it starts to wear you down. I took to outdoor sports to revive my… Continue reading

Products Similar to the AI Cream

AI cream manufactured by Stiefel Laboratories and sold under the Physiogel brand emerged as the preeminent product to deal with dry/sensitive/irritated skin in Hong Kong after the lab’s aggressive marketing. I have some… Continue reading

12 Current Essentials – Maybelline Express Care Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Well, there is not much I ask for from a bi-phase makeup remover. I just need it to be inexpensive removes waterproof makeup does not irritate/sting my skin This product does all of… Continue reading

Quickpress on body – Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion

I don’t have eczema/sensitive/dry skin conditions on most parts of my body. However, I use my hands and fingers to apply body products. It’s important the body products don’t irritate my hands and… Continue reading

After warts removal – Floxia Regenerating Cream

I used to have a few granules of flat warts under my left eye since I was a child. I underwent cryotherapy 9 months ago and got part of them removed. The warts… Continue reading

12 Current Essentials – Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 30 (For Face & Body)

Under no circumstances shall a woman be exposed to the sun without sunscreen !! Never !! Sure, the sun brings benefits to our health, such as the synthesis of vitamin D, but the… Continue reading

In-store test – Uriage Cu-Zn Anti Irritation Cream for Irritated and Damaged Skin

This cream caught my attention because it’s called “Anti-irritation cream”. Glad there was a tester, I gave it a try on my finger with severely dry, wounded and non-weeping eczema. It applied as… Continue reading

Swimming for Eczema-prone skin

A recent trip to the pool inspired this post. The skin irritation associated with chemicals in pool water, salt and microbes in sea water and sun exposure makes me wary about my beach… Continue reading