12 Current Essentials – Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

What better to begin with 12 of my current essentials – thoroughly tried and tested ! I’ve picked them all for their unique position in my skincare regime. Here’s the first one :

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

semi-opaque semi-viscous whitish liquid, fragrance-free, face & body

This was first introduced to me by my dermatologist for daily cleansing during my eczema flare-up. I was previously using a foam cleanser when she commented that it was taking water from my eczema skin when it was already rapidly losing water. After using it continuously for a week, my skin looked and felt visibly better. However, onto the second week (during Hong Kong’s humid spring), my blackheads started building up. Now, I alternate its use with my foam cleanser, depending on how greasy/dirty for the day. Soap-free and fragrance-free, it is my go-to cleanser when my skin is intolerant.

Its texture makes it easy for massaging/rubbing before washing off. The bottle also recommends removing the excess with a soft cloth. Personally, I don’t do this because it forms a film that affect the absorption of my subsequent skincare products. However, it could work on guys (who generally dislike putting on product) with intolerant skin, e.g. my brother.

It comes with a bigger size bottle (473mL) with a pump, for those who would want to use it on your body as well. It’s cheap, why not ? For me, a small bottle (237mL) is enough to go a long way as I just use it on my face. My body is not so intolerant.

My usage amount