12 Current Essentials – Physiogel AI Cream

ghost white cream, fragrance-free, face & body

Physiogel AI Cream

Two different dermatologists have prescribed me this cream separately when I went for consultations. I was in my teens the first time and had eczema flared up on every finger joint. I was instructed to use it alternatively with steroid cream. The AI cream leaves a thin film (a protective barrier against free radicals, according to the box) on my fingers and I can’t describe how very annoyed I was with it. It was the year of my first public exam and having a slippery film on my fingers meant difficulty with writing and flipping pages. Later, I threw it out.

Recently, I consulted with another dermatologist. I had those zit-like bumps, tiny scabs on my face from scratching the bumps and dark post-acne spots all over my face from using a skincare line too mature for my skin (Shiseido Benefiance) for too long (3 months). She asked me to stop using the line immediately and replace my cleanser with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and my moisturiser with AI cream. She also emphasised the use of sunscreen daily.

The effect was spectacular.

After a week, my skin stopped peeling. The thin film prevent my flaky skin from losing excess water. The anti-oxidising properties helped with rapid skin healing. Used on the right body part, the cream is actually delightful to use.

After 2 weeks, I alternated its usage with a lighter moisturiser (Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturiser I) to avoid the greasy feeling from applying thick cream. Coupled with regular application of whitening essence, my skin has cleared up A GREAT DEAL !

Now commercialised, the product is available in most drugstores, with a lighter sister called AI Lotion. I haven’t tried it yet…so if you have please leave a comment !

This cream is officially my go-to face cream when my skin becomes intolerant, applying it after cleansing and toning.

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