In-store test – Uriage Cu-Zn Anti Irritation Cream for Irritated and Damaged Skin

This cream caught my attention because it’s called “Anti-irritation cream”. Glad there was a tester, I gave it a try on my finger with severely dry, wounded and non-weeping eczema.

It applied as a soft white cream. After 10 seconds the eczema patch got itchy. After 2 minutes it was burning. I went straight to the bathroom to rinse it under running water for 5 minutes. I have applied on other creams with testers at the shop before that. Convinced the other creams might have reacted with this one, I gave this cream a second chance on another day in another shop.

Same result.

The product description goes like this :

* Irritated skin: peri-oral and peri-nasal, nappy rash. * Skin prone to atopy. * Babies – Children – Adults. * Face – Body – Nappy area.


* Soothes irritation. * Purifies to limit bacterial proliferation. * Rapidly repairs the skin and protects it thanks to its oleo mineral bandage.

The cream is not designed for eczema but in my opinion any product that is non-medicinal and that boasts soothing and anti-irritation properties should be so for all skin conditions. A product that aggregates irritation simply does not cut it.

Conclusion : This cream is not for me.


Uriage Cu-Zn Anti-irritation Cream for Irritated and Damaged Skin