12 Current Essentials – Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 30 (For Face & Body)

Under no circumstances shall a woman be exposed to the sun without sunscreen !! Never !! Sure, the sun brings benefits to our health, such as the synthesis of vitamin D, but the negative impacts haunts me and my delicate skin:

  • sunburn (I am very susceptible to sun burn even though I am not fair-skinned.)
  • dark spots (My epidermis is always in a healing process, recovering from irritation, redness, wounds etc.. Exposure to the sun will cause the darkening of damaged epidermis.)
  • wrinkles (My wrinkles result from dryness and dehydration)
  • tan (Like all Asian women, I never give up the chance to be fair)

I never leave the house without sunscreen. The variety of sunscreen products in the market is mind-boggling. Sunscreen is commonly incorporated into make-up bases (with or without colour), or moisturisers (which I call plain vanilla sunscreens). Whenever my skin throw tantrums (i.e. irritated to the point that is unfit for makeup), I reach for a plain vanilla sunscreen with SPF 30 and stay mostly indoors. Here is the one I use most often.

Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 30

Texture : It is a slightly thick yellowish cream, quite greasy when applied on and leaves a shiny finish.

Application : It is easy to squeeze out of the tube. I apply it with my fingers. Depending on the my skin’s level of comfort, I rub in a discretionary amount.

Benefits : It provides ample sun protection for a sedentary day indoors. It does not leave a residue/white cast, smooths out my dry patches and make them less visible. It does not dry out my skin even after a 12-hour day of wear. Most importantly, it does not sting my skin even when it is irritated, peeling and red. Colourless when applied, it serves as a good base for people with darker skin.

Downsides : The shiny/sightly greasy finish is quite noticeable and definitely not good for flash photography. If worn under makeup, it is necessary to powder the shine down. People with oily to normal skin may find it unsuitable for daily wear.

Overall : I dedicate a lot of time in finding the perfect sunscreen for every occasion. My skin is intolerant to many of the common active ingredients in sunscreen. I tend to jump on any sunscreen that is kind to my skin. Therefore I am willing to tolerate the grease and shine that comes with this one and put in the effort to powder it down if I use it under makeup.

During my normal-skin days, I use a matte, colour-correcting base, which can be a tad too white for me when I am tanned in the summer. This product comes in as nearly an all-purpose backup. If Shiseido can make one of these more matte, I will be a forever loyal customer.

My usage amount (for face only). Less when used under makeup.