After warts removal – Floxia Regenerating Cream

I used to have a few granules of flat warts under my left eye since I was a child. I underwent cryotherapy 9 months ago and got part of them removed. The warts started spreading since then. The size of them, thank God, were small, but they were all over my face. 2 weeks ago I went to my dermatologist to get them (~40 papules) removed with laser surgery.

My derm suggested me to use creams with a more intensive moisturising properties while the skin is healing after the surgery and by no means I should be using products with whitening properties. She suggested this, which is formulated for post-treatment skin.

Floxia Regenerating Cream

Application :

I applied it on my entire face after cleansing with Cetaphil without toner, morning and evening for 2 consecutive weeks.

Observations :

It is a very light-weight white cream that can easily be spread thinly over the skin.

Although super light-weight, this cream provided abundant moisture even when applied to dry (not damp) post-treatment skin. It absorbed instantly into the skin without rubbing. When applied under Floxia UHP Tinted Cream SPF 50+ (which is quite a thick cream) during the day, my skin neither felt tight nor greasy for the entire day in an office environment, with 1-2 short trips out of office in the humid summer weather. When applied by itself at night, my skin did not feel tight after 7 hours in a cold air-conditioned room.

After using the cream for 2 days, my wounds healed. I no longer felt my skin hurting or sore. The redness has also subsided.

I continued using it directly onto the skin only after gentle cleansing with Cetaphil even after my skin had healed. However, I started breaking out. When I replaced Floxia with its less moisturising counterparts and toner, my breakouts stopped.

The cream has a synthetic floral fragrance, which I prefer without. But it does go away after 15 minutes.

Comments :

Floxia Regenerating Cream is ideal for vulnerable skin post treatment. It applies and spreads easily without discomfort usually caused by stickiness. It speeds up the healing process of the skin, reduces redness and ensure sufficient moisture throughout the day in an office environment. It can, however, be too moisturising when skin is in a normal condition.

Availability :

It may be inconvenient to get hold of this cream since it’s not in retail stores. You may have to contact your dermatologist.

Price :

The price is around HKD 250, which is quite reasonable for the benefits it provides.