Quickpress on body – Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion

I don’t have eczema/sensitive/dry skin conditions on most parts of my body. However, I use my hands and fingers to apply body products. It’s important the body products don’t irritate my hands and fingers.

This is hands down the best body lotion I have ever used.

  • It is moisturising, provides enough moisture for one full day in an air-conditioned environment.
  • It is non-sticky, non-greasy.
  • It absorbs immediately into the skin. Does not leave an uncomfortable film.
  • It does not sting/irritate my eczema wounds on my fingers.

The moisture provided may not be enough for extremely cold weather, but I would say it is good for spring, summer and autumn, which is good enough for me. Besides, it only cost me 12 ringgit for 200mL!! (I bought it in Malaysia)

Avon Baby Moisturising Lotion