Do you get sunburnt without realising it ?

Being a couch potato may be the single most relaxing thing to do, but the boredom that comes with it starts to wear you down. I took to outdoor sports to revive my presumably failing heart. The sun, however, took an unforgivable toll on my skin. No, I wasn’t sunburnt. A tan is bad enough.

I really don’t like the grayish tan that we Asians always get when exposed to sunlight, even only for a short while. To make matters worse, there’s always the little areas we don’t pay attention to (and forget to put sunscreen on) that gets darker than the rest of your skin. I came across a useful article from the June-July issue of the Orbis Member Magazine. It has been lying around in my room for a while. Damn, I should have read it before I got all this uneven and unflattering tan.

The focus of the article is on sunburn prevention, but the same sun care applies for sun tan.

Here you go : (link to pdf)

It’s in Chinese, so I am making my best effort to translate it. Do forgive the cheekiness and slightly exaggerated tone. I’m trying to keep to the article’s original spirit.

The Anti-sunburn Guide For the Frequently Neglected Areas of the Skin

Frequently neglected areas of the skin by scenario

There’s a lot to pay attention to by the pool and at the beach !

SWIMMING : Back, behind ears and edge of swimsuit

The water surface reflects 20-40% of UV rays ! It’s like being roasted from the top and the bottom. Also, UV rays are absorbed by water. Choose a sunscreen that’s not only waterproof, but sand-proof as well. Reapply frequently, especially on your back and behind your ears. Since your swimsuit is likely to shift, the correct way is to apply sunscreen a little further inside the edges of the swimsuit.


Are there areas not covered when you are cycling ?

CYCLING : Under the chin, shin and ankle.

Even when you’re wearing trousers, the movements of the leg while paddling causes the lower part of your legs and feet to show. The skin there is often neglected. Subsequent sunburn on these areas catch you by surprise. Roughly 10% of UV rays are reflected by asphalt roads. Therefore, precautions must be made against reflected rays.


Exposed to reflected rays, the feet is where the danger-o-meter reads super high !

WALKING : Arm, shin, foot, ankle

While walking, direct and reflect UV rays from roads and buildings easily cause sunburn. Apart from applying sunscreen on the face, you must also apply on arms and the lower part of the legs. Pay special attention to your feet when you are wearing sandals. Take extra care of your ankles if you are wearing sport shoes. These are the areas that come into close contact with reflected UV rays, and are therefore easily sunburnt.


All is taken care of on the body, but what about the head and neck ?

GOLFING & TENNIS  : head and neck

Golf is usually played directly under the sun. So, the cap you wear must cover your head to prevent block UV rays from scorching your scalp. A lot of sweating comes with playing tennis. Every time you use a towel to wipe off your sweat, you wipe off the sunscreen as well. It is essential that you reapply sunscreen, especially on your neck, where sweat runs down.


Do you consider applying sunscreen only in the morning enough ? That’s a fatal mistake !

A SWEATING FACE : face (number of times)

Are you satisfied with a complete sun care routine done just in the morning ? A radiant foundation finish melts by midday. Likewise, sunscreen melts off the face with sweat and sebum. The active ingredients in sunscreen loses it potency with time as well. Therefore, when reapplying makeup, reapply sunscreen too.


The Perfect UV Antidote 1

Babies and children are prone to sunburn. Extra care must be taken !

The skin of children is delicate, so it’s best to use sun care products especially formulated for babies that doesn’t burden the skin. Besides, children are shorter and so their face is at a shorter distance from the ground. The reflected UV rays are stronger. Apart from physical protection with a cap, it is important to apply sunscreen under the chin !

The Perfect UV Antidote 2

It is as easy to burn your arms whether you sit at the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat !

Have you ever burnt one arm while driving or sitting in a car ? It’s true UVB is partly filtered by the glass window, but still a large amount of UVA passes through it. Your arm is subject to continuous direct sun exposure. Therefore, keep in your car a protective arm glove as a peace of mind.


Some product information was removed during the translation.


Disclaimer : Orbis has the copyright of the original Chinese article. No copyright infringement is intended in the translation of this article.