Hello, thanks for stopping by !

I’m a 24-year-old Chinese girl living in Hong Kong who is diagnosed with mild eczema at the age of 2.

I used to be a blogger when I was a teenager, writing whatever and whenever. Life took its course, causing my blog’s abandonment. Now, 3 years later, I want to start blogging again.

Picking a theme has proven to be difficult. I had planned on exploring deeper and more complicated themes, but it would be too energy-draining to maintain a site requiring constant researching while keeping my day job.

Therefore I decided on this theme – one which is more familiar, more practical and with less literary weight.

Eczema has been my constant companion since infancy and because of it I live every day slightly differently from people with normal skin. As my fellow sufferers would know, the condition is constantly in our minds – very irritating physically and depressing emotionally.

People with eczema are born with it and they live with it through infancy, childhood and even adulthood (although symptoms will become less obvious). There is no cure and sufferers’ appearance can sustain permanent damage from constant eczema flare ups (e.g. patches of darker and rough skin, strange nail shape….)

At 24 years old, the appearance of my eczema has become less obvious and the occurrence of the wet form of eczema (where liquid seeps out from epidermis) has almost subsided.

I’m not a dermatologist. This blog does not seek to provide clinical advice but share my thoughts on commercial products that have helped me, makeup advice and anything interesting discoveries relating to having very sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Here’s to great-looking skin !

Cheers !